Friday, June 21, 2013

Lights, Camera, Sing!

It's our fun summer concert, Lights, Camera, SING! - this weekend at Newman U! Come join us as we sing our way through a selection of celluloid memories that are sure to bring back fun times and the joy of the Silver Screen. The guys in the chorus have been cooking up some crazy new dance moves and are FOOTLOOSE! and ready to get-loose and have some fun on the stage of Performance Hall!

Our beneficiary for this concert is The Roth Project, which is sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association of Central and Western Kansas. The Roth Project strives to provide an iPod Shuffle (with headphones) loaded with music personalized to each patient. It has been found that listening to music recognizable from an individual's younger years can help calm those suffering from anxiety and behavioral problems related to Alzheimer's. The Roth Project accepts new and gently used Shuffles and headphones (and, of course, cash donations). It's a wonderful way to be able to help those with Alzheimer's through MUSIC!