Tuesday, March 10, 2015

About the Beneficiary of this Concert: Prairie Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center

Prairie Meadows was created to enhance the lives of children with special needs by bringing horses and children together for special therapy to maximize functional outcomes.We are passionate about being involved in the lives of youth and watching their goals become reality after sessions in therapy.


Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement as part of an integrated intervention program to achieve functional outcomes.


PMTRC is a non-profit Christian organization founded in 1989 in Coffeyville, KS by Jim Webb, a horse instructor, and daughters, Kristin Wertz and Kori Turney, both occupational therapists. PMTRC was created to enhance the lives of children with special needs by bringing horses and children together. The family owned and operated program continues today with the same passion now in two locations: Goddard, KS (west of Wichita) and Louisburg, KS (south of Kansas City).


Why The Horse?

Equine movement provides multidimensional movement, which is variable, rhythmic and repetitive. The horse provides a dynamic base of support, making it an excellent tool for increasing trunk strength and control balance, building overall postural strength and endurance, addressing weight bearing, and motor planning. Equine movement offers well-modulated sensory input to vestibular, perceptive, tactile and visual channels. During gait transitions of the horse, the rider must perform constant adjustments in the trunk to maintain a stable position. When a client is riding forward on the horse, the horse's walking gait imparts movement responds remarkably similar to normal human gait. The effects of equine movement on postural control, sensory systems, and motor planning can be used to facilitate coordination and timing, grading of responses, respiratory control, sensory integration skills and attention skills. Equine movement can be used to facilitate the neurophysiologic systems that support all of our functional daily living skills.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child! You can learn how to become a side-walker, lead the horse, help with fund raising, and more! If you would like additional information about our volunteer program contact us today!

If you know a child who would benefit
from hippotherapy, please let us know!

Financial Contributions

PMTRC would not be where we are today without the generous support of others. If you are interested in becoming involved in this way we would love to share more details with you. 
To Contact PMTRC:
PMTRC Goddard
Kori Turney, OTR
1055 North 199th Street West
Goddard, KS 67052

Cowboys and Rockstars: HOAMC's Upcoming Concert

Get out those cowboy boots and tune up the Harley.  HOAMC is born to be wild with all our friends in low places.  "Cowboys and RockStars" will be showing at Newman University's DeMattias Performance Hall at 3100 West McCormick just off of Kellogg and Edwards on Saturday, March 28 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, March 29 at 4:30 p.m.  Tickets are $15 with $5 tickets for students.  Tickets may be bought at the door, by stopping in at Creative Awards, or by calling (316) 708-4837.  The beneficiary of this concert is the Prairie Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center.

Michael Greene

Michael (Left) and his husband, Pat (Right)
This last Saturday, the chorus lost one of its most endearing members. Michael Greene, one of our basses, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday morning.  Michael was a longtime member of the chorus.  He was one of the members who would be there with a hug and a smile.  He was quick to tell you that he loved you and he meant it. He made the world a little brighter because he was in it. His husband, Pat, became our chorus Mom.  They brought in treats and contributed many things to the chorus.  Michael was known to pay membership dues of members that couldn't afford them.  Michael was one of the HOAMC members who traveled to Carnegie Hall to sing "Sing for the Cure" as part of a chorus made up of members of various choruses from all over the United States.  A while back, Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and had to retire from his nursing career.  He still faithfully and lovingly took care of his husband who also has ailments.  Michael will be missed by many since he had a way of finding a place in the hearts of those he knew.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Pat and the rest of Michael's family.