Tuesday, July 15, 2014

HOAMC To Perform at Wichita Pride on September 27

If you missed "Raise You Up" when HOAMC performed in Wichita and at the Salina Pride, you get another chance.  HOAMC has been asked to perform the show again at Wichita Pride.  The chorus will perform on September 27.  More details will follow.  The chorus entertained a great audience in Wichita in June and received a great reception to the two Salina shows.  The Wichita Pride performance promises to be another fabulous time.

Save the Date...September 2

Rehearsal for the holiday show begins on September 2 at Newman University in the DeMattias rehearsal hall on the second floor.  There is a potluck dinner at 6 and rehearsal is at 7.  If you are a newbie, just bring yourself and let us welcome you into the family.