Monday, April 29, 2013

Installment Six: Building A Show...Out of My Range. Rehearsal Date: Feb. 5,2013

When I put these clips on here, I take into account the feedback I get from people.  Some like the music and others like the music plus the conversation and witty stuff that is said between rehearsing the music.  There is quite a bit of both.  Yes, I know there are a lot of clips, but I hope you will check them forward if you want...and find something worthwhile to you.

This rehearsal saw the first rehearsal of "30 Years Ago."  For me, this song was profound.  My thoughts immediately went to my friend Doug Jackson, who died last Mother's Day from advanced prostate cancer.  I had known him over half my life.

I remember the first time I went through his photo albums with him.  When pointing to the various people in the photos, he would say "Dead, dead, dead, dying, alive, alive, barely alive, dead, etc."  It was a depressing experience, but when I heard the line in the part of the song sung by the 60 year olds..."Do you know what it's like to lose most of your friends (to AIDS)?"...I thought of that experience.  Much in this song brings thoughts of various eras in my life to mind.  I hope you will discover the meaning it has for you.

Clip 1:  Voices from the Heart rehearsing "Ode to My Twenties."

Clip 2:  Commentary by members Randy and Roger.

Clip 3:  "Warmups."  Rehearsing the middle part.

Clip 4:  "Warmups"  From the beginning.

Clip 5:  Reconfiguring "Warmups" age groups after losing a couple of singers.

Clip 6:  First reading of "30 Years Ago."

Clip 7:  "Like-Minded People."

Clip 8:  Choreography for "Like-Minded People."

Clip 9:  Choreography for "Like-Minded People."

Clip 10:  Choreography for "Like-Minded People."

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