Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Story of Bullying: Diana's Story

There was a girl in my school named Diana.  She had a gorgeous smile.  She was nice and very sweet in her own unique way.  Diana also was from a poor family and was considered overweight.  It shouldn't have mattered, but I guess it did to some.

Diana tried so hard to make friends and some were nice to her.  However, that bulk of the kids were cruel to her.  They called her the most horrible names.  At lunch, they would say things like "Don't eat your peas...Diana is eating her peas and you will get her cooties!"  Often times, she would laugh it off, but you could see the hurt in her eyes.  She was often excluded from games during recess.  During fourth grade, she had a boyfriend named Mike.  People liked him, but harassed him because he was her boyfriend.  He would shrug it off and smile.  I admired him because he was so visibly her champion.

She left school in later years.  I heard that she had problems and had struggled in life.  When I would see her parents, I always asked how she was.  One day, her parents were shopping in the grocery store and said to me that Diana had told them how much she had liked me because I was always so nice to her.  I cried that night because I felt like I should have done more.  I often wonder where life has taken her and hope that she has found the happiness, acceptance, and peace that she deserves.

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