Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Intallment Three of "Building a Show: Out of My Range."

Here is episode three of the clips from our practice sessions leading up to the performance of "Out of My Range."  These are clips from January 15, 2013.  The clips are getting longer and include some of the banter and kidding that goes on during rehearsal as well as commentary from our Artistic Director on how to learn and polish the material.

Clip One:
" A Simple Solution."  Learning and drilling the material.

Clip Two:
"A Simple Solution."

Clip Three:
"A Simple Solution."

Clip Four:
"The First Day of School."

Clip 5:
"First Day of School."

Clip 6:

I am not the most experienced cinematographer.  Hopefully, you enjoy getting a peek into our rehearsals.  I am including all the raw footage so you will get a real view of how we start out and how we prepare from a show.  You get to witness how rough it is in the beginning to the point where it is polished and ready for performance.

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