Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Voice from the Chorus: Travis Zirkle

Many people have asked over the years who the guy is that always wears the dark glasses on stage.  That guy is Travis Zirkle.  The reason he wears the dark glasses is because his eyes are extremely sensitive to light.

Travis joined the chorus for the July 2007 concert "Back to Broadway" and has been singing with the chorus since then.  He was staff at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Wichita where the chorus was performing at the time when he saw the show "Extrabbaganza" and decided he wanted to be a part of the chorus.  He describes himself as a good choral singer but not really a soloist.  Lately, he has come out of his shell just a little and has performed a few small solos as well as singing a complete song, "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood," at the Gala Choruses Festival in Denver this last summer.  "I was so nervous, but my chorus mates were very supportive.  It was a great experience, but it could be a while before it is repeated."

Travis lives in Barnard, Kansas with Jeff Wallace, who is a HOAMC board member.  When they moved to Barnard from Wichita, neither could give up the chorus so they drive two hours each way every week for rehearsals and meetings.  The philosophy that Travis believes about music stems from his years as a manager and buyer for Tower Records in Los Angeles..."No Music...No Life!"

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