Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Installment of Building a Show: Out of My Range, Rehearsal Date: 01/08/2013

Our first year with a new director has been full of change...for the better.  There has been encouragement to think outside of the box.  "Out of My Range" is going to be a powerful experience.  Though it is humorous, the messages that I get from the show are powerful just as those in "Exile" and "Sing for the Cure."

I thought chronicling the building of our version of the show would be interesting.  The show itself centers around incorporating new members into a chorus and how those members interact.  So that's what this get to see our chorus behind the scenes.  I am not a great cinematographer and I am continuing to learn.  The beginning clips are very different from what comes later on as I try to find balance between filming and rehearsing my part.  I sincerely hope you enjoy these efforts.

Clip One
This is a short clip of the initial reading of "Better Together."

Clip Two
This is "Better Together" after a few minutes rehearsing.  I think that the show itself provides motivation to learn the music. 

Clip Three
Artistic Director Deanne Zogleman shares her thoughts on the first day of practice for the show.

Clip Four
This is a short clip of learning "First Day of School" on our first day of school.

Clip Five
Listen to a longer clip of "First Day of School" after a little time rehearsing.

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